The wilderness which is important to wellbeing can be found everywhere in Parkano, from the city center’s white-waters to the protected shores of Kaidatvedet even further. Diversity of the forests continues. Rippling waters in the summer, foggy swamps in the fall – one does not have to be romantic to detect the presence of nature.

Different tools of the Forest Museum gets people discussing. The fascinating past of the Local History Museum in the old granary which is located in Kuttikallio in the pastures of the Kana farm established in 1540 as well as the protected farm on the main street paints us a picture of the early days of Parkano. Even the Automobile Museum is located in the historical white-water scenery.

You can enjoy peat treatments, go riding or experience local art in the brand new library or in Gallery Raamikko. Participate to the events organised in the library. Also ITE-art arrives to the streets of Parkano during the summer. There are several events organised like Art Festivo, legendary Baron’s Market, Human in the Nature and also this year we celebrate Parkano’s 150th anniversary. The series of summer events ends with Flame Night!

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The Forest Museum presents old forest culture in an authentic forestry milieu. The beach has a campfire site and a wicket. In the Local History Museum you can sneak into the history of the Baron of Parkano and also get familiar with interesting objects. The museum is a former grain storehouse besides the church in Kuttikallio. Military museum with two buildings full of museum stuff from the time 1939-1945. There is plenty of equipment used in the war outside. There is also a 1970s village trade museum in the area.

The library in Parkano is worth seeing, it was opened in late March. The library also presents local art. The town hall has an exhibition space where exhibitions of local and nearby artists are organised. You can visit the art exhibition of Salme Törmä, Parkano based artist, in the Gallery Raamikko. Also ITE-art arrives to the streets of Parkano during the summer.


The Forestry Museum

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Events in 2017 focus on the Art Festivo art and culture event, the Baron’s Market, the Human in Nature event and the 150th anniversary of Parkano. Flame Night ends the series of summer events in Käenkoski.

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The sauna at Käenkoski is an important building block of wellbeing, as well as experiencing the protected shores of Kaidatvedet from the Vesipääsky scenery boat. Käenkoski beach serves as a swimming spot especially during the winter time. You can get peat treatments from the massager. You can rent a horse for a horse riding trip. Winter trails from Käenkoski are open and illuminated.

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In the protected shores area in Kaidatvedet you can choose for your trekking trail either the about 4 km Beach route or 7 km trekking rail from Käenkoski to the Forest Museum called Käpykintukka (from midsummer 2017 onwards).

For more vigorous efforts, you can go to the Alkkia mountain in Northwest Parkano, where you will be welcomed by an ancient seashore with its dinghies. The Seitseminen National Park is only 22 km from the center of Parkano.

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The library in Parkano is worth seeing, it was opened in late March 2017.


The church of Parkano is located in Kuttikallio. Kuttikallio is the former pastures of the Kana farm established in 1540.

The church of Parkano