Human in the nature

theme week’s
Wellbeing from the nature -seminar
on Friday 23.8.2019 Käenkoskikeskus, Parkano

10.00-10.10 Seminar opening / FT Hannu Raitio
10.10 – 10.20 Greetings from the city of Parkano, Mayor Jari Heiniluoma
10.20 – 10.40 Review of the earlier Human in the Nature events, Mti Hannu Latvajärvi
10.40 – 11.10 Wellbeing from the trees, Prof. Sinikka Piippo
11.10 – 11.40 Which kind of forest refreshes? Prof. Liisa Tyrväinen
11.40 -12.30 Lunch and getting familiar with the exhibition
12.30 – 13.00 Green care –  what it is?  FT Aino-Elina Vehmasto
13.00 – 13.30 Wellbeing tourism now and in the future, FinRelax program manager Kiti Häkkinen
13.30 – 14.00 Finland as a tourism country seen from an Asian point of view, PhD Lu-Min Vaario
14.00 – 14.15 Closing the seminar, FT Hannu Raitio

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Human in the Nature  -theme week 19.-27.8.2017

Saturday 19.8.
       Youngsters’ Fin Championship in fly-fishing , Viinikka river,
Parkanon Urheilukalastajat ry.
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Sunday 20.8.
at 14          Group signing afternoon, the Forest Museum
Song wishes can be given during 31.7.-13.8. into a box in the library or writing an email

Monday 21.8.
Art trail
5. grade, the Forest Museum, ”Local area”
Parkano City’s leisure time function

Tuesday 22.8.
Tuesday’s 22.8. Metsämieli-tasting has been changed to Sunday 27.8. at 12.
Free entrance.
There are free activities at the Forest Museum from 17.30 onwards (Leena Perälä).

Wednesday 23.8.
klo 18          Group signing evening, Messukallio
Song wishes can be given during 31.7.-13.8. into a box in the library or writing an email

Thursday 24.8.
at 18         Finland from the sea to the arctic hills -photo night, Markku Saarinen,
Parkano Library

Friday 25.8.
Predatory Fish Competition Cup’s 5th event
, Viinikka river, Parkanon Urheilukalastajat ry.
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morning: Geology Day for for school children in the Forest Museum, Geopark-project

at 17          Geo-cruise in the Kaidatvedet, duration 3 h: To the Forest Museum and back,
On the way a lecture by geologist Pasi Talvitie, at the Forest Museum we will stop to grill sausages and enjoy coffee and pancakes, on the return trip Leena Perälä tells about the cultural history of the area.
Price for the cruise 10 €, payment on arrival.

at 17 ->      Open doors at the Forest Museum:
Parkano-Kihniö Art Association Umbra’s  workshops:
Spot 1) Natural bubbles so soap bubbles blown with cow parsley in the fields of the forest cabin and stable
Spot 2) Stories and fairy tales on the wicket
Spot 3) Ecological boats and swans from the reeds at the beach
Parkano Setlementti sell sausages
Pancakes on sale
Traditional games

Saturday 26.8.
at 10          Human in the Nature, Wellbeing from the Nature –seminar
Käenkoski, Parkanon Matkailu ry. Transportation to Seitseminen National Park and back around 5 €

at 15          Riiarinna park concert at the Seitseminen National Park’s Nature Center

at 16          Wellbeing themed guidance Runokangas-hiking trail (2km)
For those who want also as bare footed walk. Leaving from the Seitseminen National Park’s Nature Cente

Sunday 27.8.
Baron’s Fly Fishing King
, Viinikka river
Parkanon Urheilukalastajat ry.  More information from

during 12-16    Activities at the Forest Museum:
Activities for the whole family (bark boats, cone cows, soap bubbles),
Parkano City’s leisure time function
Activities organized by scouts, Kipinäpartio association
Experience trail in use
Sales of local products and purring presentation by Tarja Holma, Niittymäki
Fungus-info and a guided fungus expedition, Parkanon 4H association
A possibility to grill sausages

at 14          Parkano Congegration’s musical event in the Forest Museum

The Marthas of Parkano sell coffee and cakes