For groups

For groups

There are several places in Parkano for groups to admire nature or to shop in small craftsmen’s outlet.
In addition to these there are also places where a group can visit.

Recreational day, eating / cruise
Käenkoski Parkano

Recreational day for groups of 30-65 persons

  • a generous buffet
  • 3 h cruise, during which you will visit the Forest Museum
  • coffee and cakes during the cruise


  • 40–65 persons, 43 €/person
  • 30–39 persons, 49 €/person

​Other information​

  • duration of the day app. 4 h
  • during May-September
  • for companies, associations and more

Route: Käenkoski-Forest Museum-Käenkoski, alltogether 10 km. The cruise is done in the protected shore area with the scenery boat called Vesipääsky. There are A-serving rights at Vesipääsky.
More information from
Generous buffet includes salads, fishes, warm meals, breads of the house and home made beer and water as drinks. The bar in the Vesipääsky scenery boat is open during the cruise. There are A-serving rights both at the restaurant Käenkoski and Vesipääsky scenery boat.


On agreement we can arrange for small groups purring, felting or dyeing with plants days. Ask for an offer! At the same time you can get familiar with animals: rabbits, sheep, goats, chicken and more
Occasionally selling eggs, felting products, sheep hides and more.

More information p. +358 50 359 7072
Karttiperäntie 120, 39700 Parkano

Nature and recreational services of SyVilla

We can arrange guided tours to places of natural interest and culture in the surrounding countryside for groups of two to four people. Places of interest are, for instance, Alkkianvuori, the Forestry and Automobile Museums of Parkano, the Kaidatvedet nature trails, the Peat Museum of Aitoneva, Hämeenkangas and Pohjankangas, and the national parks of Seitseminen and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas.

More information:
Hannu Raitio, +358 50 391 2010

Activity packages of Lomakoti Käenkoski

We arrange different activity packages for different sized groups, ask for more information!
Ready make packages:
– dance package in Käenkoski
– hiking at Seitseminen National Park
– hiking at Käpykintukka natural trail
– kayak trip
– sauna trip
– GPS biking trip
For more information:
Phone. +358 40 011 0303 (preferably after 16:00)


Military Museum Karhumäki

Military museum with two buildings full of museum stuff from the time 1939-1945. There is plenty of equipment used in the war outside. There is also a 1970s village trade museum in the area.