You can find a wide variety of experiences for groups of various sizes here!

Kintukka Nature and Recreation Services offers guidance and guided nature trips in Parkano and the surrounding areas. You can choose from various packages for families and groups of different sizes. Some of the interesting destinations include Alkkianvuori, Parkano Forestry Museum, the lakes and nature trails of Kaidatvedet, Aitoneva Peat Museum, Seitseminen National Park, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park, and the Hämeenkangas  and Pohjankangas ridge areas. A custom trip based on your wishes can also be created for you.

Susuwellbeing offers natural wellbeing and cultural services for various groups. 

Lomakoti Käenkoski arranges different experience packages for groups of various sizes. Examples include hiking in the Seitseminen National Park or along the Käpykintukka trail, kayak trips, sauna experiences, and GPS-guided bicycle trips. A custom package can also be created for you based on your wishes.

Elämyskellari Parkano houses the largest SimWay Hunt hunting and shooting simulator in Finland. The simulator has an almost 8-meter wide screen measuring more than 300 inches in size onto which images are projected using two projectors. You can hunt moose, wild boar, or birds, shoot various targets, take aim at clay pigeons, or experience the wild west as a gunslinger. The facility includes a comfortable lounge and a small kitchen, and it is perfect for recreational outings for companies, bachelor parties, and training for hunting clubs. The facility can fit approximately 20 people comfortably. Elämyskellari run by Elämyksen tekijät ry, which is also the organizer of Pirkanmaan Erämessut.

Hyvän Olon Keskus on Kirkkokatu offers various sauna experiences for groups, which are tailored according to the customer’s requests. Enjoy a cleansing sauna with natural herbs, sauna whisks, and shrubs.

Yrttihoitola Maria offers courses on producing various ointments, salves, and masks as well as soap making workshops in the center of Parkano. 

Enjoy relaxing work ability promotions and recreational events for groups of various sizes at Kauneushoitola Hunajainen. Indulging in pampering treatments is one of the most popular ways to relax and recharge with colleagues or your team. Versatile spa and beauty treatments and relaxing massages offer an energizing option for any wellness day.