Food & Drink

Parkano offers a wide variety of cafés and restaurants with approximately two dozen options to choose from. Enjoy a home-style lunch, pizza, kebab, grilled treats, or high-quality á la carte dishes.


Terassi Roihan Raitti

A summer terrace at the center of Parkano.

046 941 0331
Keskuskatu 3, 39700 Parkano



Enjoy a coffee with sweet and savory treats in the tram café. There is also an ice cream kiosk next to the tram. Open in the summer.

Pahkalantie 1, 39700 Parkano

Tapahtuma 1

Parkanon Autogrilli

Parkanon Autogrilli serves grilled treats and classic items for all appetites.

040 369 0174
Parkanontie 43, 39700 Parkano


Kosken Helmi

This terrace café in the Leijonapuisto park next to the Viinikanjoki river is an excellent place for relaxation with a refreshing drink and snacks. You can also play a round of minigolf with friends in the park.

045 614 1600
Rantakatu 1, 39700 Parkano



Sweet and savory treats to go with a coffee from R-kioski in Parkano.

046 920 0883
Parkanontie 45–49, 39700 Parkano