Overnight well in Parkano

You do not need to stay under the open sky in Parkano. You can put your head to the pillow in a hotel, in a forest cabin filled with stories, in the main building of a farm, in a modern cottage or in a camping area full of light.
When you are planning a meeting or a party you will find several options. And always with great service.


Hotel Pesti

Cottages, camping, other accommodation

Comfortable rural accommodation for 25 persons.
There is a lakeside sauna, a hot tub, wicket on an island, a summer cabin and kitchen, a gazebo and terraces, a boat and more.

Villa Markkola
2 cottages in Parkano and  2 in Kihniö. Our holiday cottages are spacious and have quality equipments.
Sleeping places even for 19 persons.

Lomakoti Käenkoski
Ready made dance packages at the Juhlatalo Käenkoski.
You can reserve Lomakoti (150 m2 detached house) or Lomamökki (60 m2).

Pahkalanniemi Camping
Offers camping accommodation in 6 cottages in the nearby vicinity of the Route 3.
In 2016 renovated sauna and hot tub offers delightful bathing experience by the lake.

More cottages in the area can be found from